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Ships after 1948

Ships pre 1948



FFG 7-O. H. Perry

FFG 1-Brooke

FF 1052-Knox

FF 1040-Garcia

FF 1037-Bronstein

DE 1033-Claude Jones

DE 1006-Dealy


DDG 51-Arleigh Burke

DDG 993-Kidd

DD 963-Spruance

DDG 2-Charles F. Adams

DDG 37-Farragut

DDG 31-Decatur

DD 933-Barry

DD 931-Forrest Sherman

DL/CLK 1-Norfolk

DL 2-Mitscher


CG 47-Ticonderoga

CGN 38-Virginia

CGN 36-California

CGN 35-Truxton

CGN 25-Bainbridge

CGN 9-Long Beach

CG 26-Belknap

CG 16-Leahy

CG 10-Albany

CG 4-Little Rock

CG 3-Galveston

CG 1-Boston

CL 144-Worcester

Aircraft Carriers:

CVN 68-Nimitz

CVA 67-John F. Kennedy

CVN 65-Enterprise

CVA 63-Kitty Hawk

CVA 59-Forrestal


SSN 774-Virginia

SSN 21-Seawolf II

SSBN 726-Ohio

SSN 688-Los Angeles

SSN 685-Glenard P. Lipscomb

SSN 671-Narwhal

SSN 637-Sturgeon

SSBN 616-Lafayette

SSN 594-Permit

SSBN 608-Ethan Allan

SSN 597-Tullibee

SSN 587-Halibut

SSN 585-Skipjack

SSN 586-Triton

SSBN 598-George Washington

SSN 578-Skate

SSN 575-Seawolf I

SSN 571-Nautilus

SS 580-Barbel

SS 576-Darter

SSAG 567-Gudgeon

SS/SSG 574-Grayback

SS 572-Sailfish

AGSS 669-Albacore

SS 563-Tang

SSK 1-Barracuda

SST 1-Mackerell

AGSS 555-Dolphin

Amphibious Ships:

LHD 1-Wasp

LCC 19-Blue Ridge

LHA 1-Tarawa

LPH 2-Iwo Jima

LPH 4-Boxer

LPH 6-Thetis Bay

LPD 4-Austin

LPD 1-Raleigh

LSD 49-Harpers Ferry

LSD 41-Whidbey Island

LSD 36-Anchorage

LSD 28-Thomaston

LST 1179-Newport

LST 1173-De Soto County

LST 1156-Terrebonne Parish

LKA 113-Charleston

LKA 112-Tulare

LPA 248-Paul Revere

Landing craft

Patrol Vessels:

PC 1-Cyclone

PHM 1-Pegasus

PCH 1-High Point

PGH 1-Flagstaff

PGH 2-Tucumcari

PG 92-Tacoma

PG 84-Asheville


Mine Warfare:

MCS 12-Inchon

MCM 1-Avenger

MHC 51-Osprey

MSO 519-Ability

MSO 509-Adroit

MSO 422-Agressive

MSO 421-Agile

MSC 289-Albatross

MSC 121-Bluebird

MSI 1-Cove

Service Vessels:

-Command Ships

AGF 3-La Salle

AGF 11-Coronado

-Replenishment Ships

AOE 9-Supply

AOE 1-Sacramento

AOR 1-Wichita

AE 26-Kilauea

AE 21-Suribachi

AFS 1-Mars

AFS 8-Sirius

AO 187-Henry J. Kaiser

AO 177-Cimarron

AO 143-Neosho

AOT 165-American Explorer

AOT 149-Maumee

AOT 81-Alatna

AD 37-Samuel Gompers

AD 24-Everglades

AD 14-Dixie

AS 39-Emory S. Land

Service Vessels #2:

Replinishment Ships #2:

AS 36-L. Y. Spear

AS 33-Simon Lake

AS 31-Hunley

AS 19-Proteus

Salvage Ships & Tugs:

ARS 50-Safegurad

ASR 21-Pigeon


ATS 1-Edenton

ATF 166-Powhatan

Other Ships:

AGB 4-Glacier

AGEH 1-Plainview

IX 532-Joint Venture (HSV-X1)

AH 19-Mercy

Cargo Ships:

AK 286-Vega

AK 284-Nothern Light

AK 282-Marshfield

AK 277-Schuyler Otis Bland

AK 274-Lt. James E. Robinson




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