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Aircraft after 1945


F/A 18 Hornet

F 14 Tomcat

F 8 Crusader

F 5 Tiger

F 4 Phantom II

F 35 JSF


A 7 Corsair II

A 6 Intruder

A 5 Vigilante

A 4 Skyhawk

A 3 Skywarrior


E 2 Hawkeye

E 1 Tracer

S 3 Viking

S 2 Tracker


T 2 Buckeye

T 28 Trojan

T 34 Mentor

T 39 Sabreliner

T 44 Pegasus

T 45 Goshawk


V 8 Harrier

OV 10 Bronco


P 2 Neptune

P 3 Orion


UH 1/ AH 1

SH 2 Seasprite

SH 3 Seaking

CH 46 Sea Knight

HH 52 Seaguard

CH 53 Sea Stallion

TH 57 Sea Ranger

SH 60 Seahawk

MH 60S Knighthawk

HH 65 Dolphin


 Aircraft pre 1945


F8F Bearcat

F6F Hellcat

F4F Wildcat


F2F Buffalo






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